Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poor Parker

I was completely spoiled with Paige. She didn't really get sick until after her first birthday and the only time she's had to go see the dr besides her well check appointments was when I was worried she had hurt her arm. 

Parker on the other hand turns 1 month tomorrow (crazy how fast time flies!) and has been to the drs at least once a week. 

First he was in the hospital being born. They had to keep doing blood draws to make sure he hadn't contracted any infections. They also had to pump his stomach because he had swallowed blood during the delivery which was causing problems. 

Week 1 was the typical check.

 Week 2 he was circumcised. 

Week 3 he had thrush. 

And now week 4 he is sick with a crappy cough and difficulty breathing. I feel so bad for the poor kid. And to top it off his dang umbilical cord won't fall off. 

(And yes he has an appointment for next week for his 1 month well check)

I know it could be WAY worse and I am so grateful we have never had to have a baby in the NICU or deal with serious illness. I pray we never have to know what that feels like. But it is still so hard watching your baby be in pain and know there isn't anything you can do to help. 

Hopefully he can kick this quickly. 

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